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Thursday, May 9, 2013

WEBLINK Brings Smartphone Apps To Your Car [Video]

WEBLINK is an app integration technology for in-dash car systems developed by Abalta Technologies. The company focuses on bringing smartphone connectivity to the car through various software and hardware solutions. They make a few other products with similar functionality in mind. WEBLINK isn't an in-dash car system, it's just the technology behind app integration in the car.

WEBLINK basically includes using a browser to render smartphone apps on the headunit's screen. The interface is highly customizable and depends on the app developer. Apps can run in HTML 5, CSS or Java to work this way. While most of the information on the WEBLINK page is technical here is a short list of the features and how things work.

    Takes advantage of the rapidly evolving smartphone technologies and reduces the cost of in-vehicle components
    Provides enhanced UX over the full lifecycle of the vehicle. CSS allows possibility of custom OEM skins
    Existing HTML5 apps can be easily deployed to the in-vehicle environment
    Flexible deployment options capable of handling different headunit capabilities
    Runs on all major smartphone operating systems including iOS
    Screens are rendered in the resolution of the in-vehicle headunit resulting in no image distortions or stretching

The following illustration shows more...

Watch this video demo showcasing WEBLINK from Abalta Technologies...

WEBLINK can be used by existing car entertainment system manufacturers to bring smartphone apps to the car. A little more competition never hurt anyone and if there's anyone to gain from this it's the consumer. There's no doubt that app integration in the car is the wave of the future. The lines with regards to safety while driving are fine though and app developers and car entertainment system manufacturers have to take this into consideration at all times.

We'll keep an eye on WEBLINK and see which manufacturers take advantage of this technology in the coming months.

Source: Abalta Technologies

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  1. The interesting part about this technology is the ability to make use of the smartphone apps inside a car. This will give rise to smart machines that will offer better services and improve the customer experience for users.


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