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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Facebook Wants To Snap Up Waze For Lots Of Millions

The social navigation and traffic app, Waze, is rumored to be on Facebook's purchasing radar for a massive price tag. As reported by the Israeli daily, Calcalist, Facebook is willing to spend up to $1 billion for Waze. That's a lot of dough!

Waze does navigation and and traffic pretty well. The app is AppRadio compatible and has a nice looking interface. The social factor adds real-time updates to the app from fellow 'Wazers' about traffic, accidents, hazards and police presence. It's a great idea for safe and efficient navigation through busy streets and highways.

Waze is made by an Israeli company and has been watched closely by Apple, apart from Facebook, in the recent past. Reportedly, close to 50 million users have signed up to use the service since launch. There have also been long-standing rumors about Facebook looking to develop a smartphone in the last few months. Well, if that ever happens then maybe Waze will be it's stock Maps application.

The $1 billion price tag looks quite substantial but for the developers of the app it must sound just about right. Is Waze really worth that much? I guess time will tell. No matter what the final price is though, this acquisition (if it's ever finalized) is bound to make quite a few people smile for sure.

Source: Calcalist

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