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Thursday, December 11, 2014

AppRadioLIVE App Updated With Several Performance Enhancements [AppRadio Mode]

I haven't mentioned much about Pioneer's AppRadio Mode these days, especially with Apple CarPlay making most of the news. But there has been an update released on one of the AppRadio Mode compatible apps from Pioneer which may be worth a mention.

AppRadioLIVE is one of Pioneer's newer apps for AppRadio Mode which brings together 'connected' functions. It is an iOS only app at the moment. The latest update version 1.1.1 has the following improvements added...

AppRadioLIVE (version 1.1.1 - App Store description)

- Added the ability to center the map view when tapping on the map screen.
- Added the ability to search for an address from the map.
- Added the ability to access your podcasts and audiobooks in the iPod source.
- Added a tutorial for connecting services after you log in.
- Improved the map resolution to make it easier to read street and city names.
- Added the ability to page up/down in the list scroll view screens.

Link to download: AppRadioLIVE version 1.1.1 from the App Store.

Seems like Pioneer is keen on improving and supporting AppRadio Mode for now. With CarPlay being available to users and Android Auto almost imminent, there's a question mark hanging over AppRadio Mode and whether it will continue to exist.

AppRadio Mode works with quite a few issues on newer iOS devices and head units. iOS 8 brought back a few bugs like the screen resizing issue, which continues to be a problem for iOS users. Android users have not experienced the issue.

Older head units like the AppRadio 2 and AppRadio 3, do not support CarPlay and only offer AppRadio Mode as the main feature. With Pioneer continuing to develop for AppRadio Mode, it should come as good news for owners of those head units. Although, development has been sluggish over the years with issues taking a long time to get resolved and not always because of Pioneer.

Check out this post from September where I outlined the existing issues iOS 8 has with AppRadio Mode. You can also read my full review of AppRadioLIVE from a few months ago.


  1. Have anyone tested this new one? I tried with Iphone 6/ AVH BT 4600 pioneer head unit and I dont see the search bar to search anything that they advertised............

  2. I didn't see the search bar the first time I connected my iPhone 6, but I had to disconnect and reconnect my phone, then the search bar showed up. I does me no good whatsoever since I have no functioning keyboard (due to iOS8), and I cant see any screen resolution improvement in the map portion.


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