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Sunday, December 7, 2014

New Jailbreak Tweak 'CarPlay iOS' Allows Using CarPlay On The iPhone Itself [Jailbreak]

There's a new iOS jailbreak tweak available on the Cydia Store right now called CarPlay iOS that allows users to have the CarPlay interface on the iPhone itself. CarPlay is an iOS feature that normally is used on an external device like an aftermarket head unit or a car's dashboard.

The tweak is in its infancy at the moment though. More details are below including a demo video.

At the moment, CarPlay iOS only displays two icons on the iPhone - Music and Now Playing. None of the other icons like Messages, Phone, Maps etc. are displayed. Also, the display language is French. The current version available on the Cydia Store is the first preview only.

According to the developer, the tweak is currently in further development. Upcoming preview versions will have English as the primary language and will add more functionality.

The current version has a few bugs. The app crashes when using certain features within the Music app.

Use: How can a tweak like CarPlay iOS be useful? If you don't own a CarPlay supported vehicle or aftermarket head unit, you could potentially use the tweak when mounting your compatible iPhone on your dashboard while driving. CarPlay's interface features large icons that are easy to tap while driving.

Potential: It will be interesting to see if non-CarPlay-compatible third-party apps can be added to CarPlay iOS. CarPlay has a fixed interface that developers have to adhere to when developing their apps. So this may not be possible but we don't know that yet.

The coming weeks and months for the jailbreak community will be interesting on this front. We will have the latest right here for you.

Video: Check out this video demo of CarPlay iOS from iDownloadBlog's "myjailbreakmovies" YouTube channel...

Image source: iDownloadBlog via YouTube

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