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Sunday, March 9, 2014

AR Unchained Is The Cheaper ARLiberator Alternative For Android Users [Video]

Mirroring your smartphone onto your AppRadio with full touch controls is what every AppRadio owner wants. iOS users have fewer options compared to their Android counterparts. AppRadio Extensions is a jailbreak tweak available for iOS but iOS 7 is still not supported.

Android users have a couple of options to choose from. Most people may have heard about ARLiberator. The app is available in Google Play for $29 and gives you full smartphone touch control over the AppRadio.

There is a cheaper (free - open source) alternative to ARLiberator but it is not an app you can download. It is called AR Unchained (for AppRadio Unchained) and is available as an open source package for download to rooted Android phones.

AR Unchained (ARU) also gives you full touch controls but the software is new and has a few bugs. I am normally hesitant in recommending software that involves rooting or even jailbreaking your device. But if you need the functionality your options may be limited.

The ARU hack can be downloaded from the XDA Developers Forums. Tutorial videos on how to go about doing so are available on YouTube. One such video from user "Cory Patton" is below...

We need to point out that downloading and using the hack has to be done at your own risk. Also the software's legality may be questionable in certain regions.

There are plenty of 'to-dos' and 'not to-dos' that come with this hack. Make sure you read all the documentation in the forums before proceeding.

We will continue to explore ARU for our readers. Stay tuned for the latest.

Video source: Cory Patton (YouTube)


  1. ARunchained is less buggy and works as well as aRliberator.

  2. Been using this for roughly 6 months. Works pretty darn good. Worth noting that ARLIberator is NOT compatible with AppRadio 3.
    Also if you get ARUnchained I recommend also getting the GPS Injector. This will enable you to turn the GPS on your phone off and use the GPS from your head unit, thus saving battery and probably more accurate.

    ARU is pretty much finished with development, unless some major change comes a long its not likely to be updated, because right now nothing needs improving.

  3. Had been using app radio unchained on SCH-I545 Galaxy S4 with SPH-DA110. Unfortunately I took the Kit Kat update now everything still connects but now nothing will work from the touchscreen or button controls. Any suggestions?

  4. I just rooted my note 3, i have xposed framework and wanam module installed and turned off knox as well asseandroid, i rebooted and i still dont have touch on the head unit. Anyone with this issue or with some input? Thanks in advance..

  5. I have a Pioneer AVH-2500BT and a Rooted Galaxy Noted 3. Will AR Unchained work, or do I need to upgrade my stereo?

    1. To my understanding, ARU and ARL only works on pioneer DVD HU that sports a HDMI input. I've believe your AVH-2500BT doesn't have a HDMI input so you'll need to upgrade. That's why I'd upgraded from a AVH-4600BT to a AVIC-8000nex.


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