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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Beats Music Could Soon Be Coming To An AppRadio-Compatible App Near You

Beats Music is one of the latest music streaming services available out there. Calling itself "the next step in music's evolution", the service gives users unlimited access to over 20 million tracks in different genres. The service aims to be direct competition for services like Pandora Internet Radio, Spotify Radio, Rdio, MOG and iTunes Radio.

The service launched a few months ago with impressive corporate tie-ups. Firstly, if you're an AT&T subscriber, you can get three months of streaming service free. After that, plans can cost as low as $15/month for up to 5 accounts on a family plan.

Secondly, Apple recently announced CarPlay with integrated Beats Music compatibility. The Beats Music app is a CarPlay-compatible app and can be accessed from your car's dashboard screen.

Beats is now expanding its horizons by giving developers the necessary software to integrate the service in their products. What that means is Beats could soon become AppRadio compatible through third-party apps. A good example is an app like EC Touch for AppRadio which integrates Spotify Radio.

The Beats Music app itself won't become AppRadio compatible unless the makers of the app decide to go that route (like Pandora did with most head unit manufacturers). Getting integrated in third-party apps would allow users to access the service and even deeper features like Playlist creation.

Developers that are interested in getting the necessary code can visit the Beats Music Developer site today and sign up.

Source: Beats Music


  1. First, you need to rename your site to AppleAppRadioWorld.
    Second, Beats needs landscape functionality before it becomes useful on the AppRadio.

  2. Hello,
    Ok .I like apple music and I have had my iPhone 6 plus for 5 months and before Apple music my battery life used to go all day but now I need to charge it at list once a day if I use the streaming service.


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