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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 To Feature New 'Driving Mode'; Screenshot Leaked

Samsung's latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, went on preorder today. The device will ship to customers sometime in April. Preorders are available through AT&T, Sprint and US Cellular at the moment.

There are still two weeks before the S5 reaches consumers after which we will learn more about unannounced features of the smartphone as more and more people start exploring. One hidden feature however, has been uncovered by the Dutch website and is called 'Driving Mode'.

'Driving Mode' gives users an interface which brings together features of the S5 that are safe to use while driving. The 'Driving Mode' screenshot (below) uncovered by shows large icons for things like Phone, Messages, Navigation, and Music.

Time will tell if there are additional in-car features packed into the Samsung Galaxy S5. Here is the screenshot...


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