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Monday, March 3, 2014

[BREAKING] Volvo Flaunts Apple's New CarPlay Feature AKA "iOS in the Car"

It's official! Apple's latest "iOS in the Car" technology will be called "CarPlay". Volvo, like Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz, showcased the technology in its latest SUV - XC90. They have made an ad showing what to expect. Watch it below.

The announcements were made official at the Geneva Motor Show earlier today. CarPlay looks absolutely stunning! It is true iOS-integration in the car. CarPlay is direct competition for other car manufacturers and even third-party head-unit makers like Pioneer Electronics.

What remains to be seen now is how Google responds to this through its "Open Automative Alliance". Android integration in the car will likely be something similar to CarPlay. And how widely it will be integrated also remains to be seen.

Apple had announced at WWDC 2013 last year that more than a dozen car manufacturers are on-board with them in integration "iOS in the Car" in their vehicles. The 2014 rollouts have begun, as promised. Less expensive car models from manufacturers like Honda, Nissan and Kia Motors will definitely make CarPlay their center of attraction.

More on this front soon. Here's the video...

Source: Volvo

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