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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Check Out This Tweaked AppRadio Mode Interface [Jailbreak]

A young German student, Eric S., has managed to tweak the AppRadio interface using his jailbroken iPhone. Eric has posted a couple of screenshots and a tutorial on how to tweak the interface on Avic411. The screenshots and tutorial are below.

You will need a jailbroken iPhone to do this along with iFunBox and an XML editor to do this (like Xcode or TextEdit). Details are below.

Here is the original post on Avic411. The files needed for tweaking are available there too.



How-to change App Names & Icons on AppRadio 3:

(I’m using the Mac Version in this Tutorial)

What you need:

iPhone with Jailbreak (mine is on iOS 7.0.4)
Appradio App installed
iFunBox &
an Editor which reads XML (from xCode or the native TextEdit from Mac OS)

Let’s start:


First of all, everything will happen inside the App of Pioneer. No other Applications will be modified. This is my first tutorial so if there are any Questions left -> Ask!

Step 1:

Close the AppRadio App on your iPhone!

Open iFunBox and navigate to „User Applications“ —> „AppRadio“.
I would suggest to switch to the list view, because there are a lot of files showing up later on.

Step 2:

Copy all of the Files (, Documents, Library …) to your computer.

Step 3:

Let’s begin with changing the App Names at your Appradios Screen:

Go to: „Library“ - „Caches“ - „Recommended Apps“.
In my Case there are 113 items.
A lot of png files and one xml file which is important.
If there is a file named „Apps_info_temp.xml“ just delete it.

Now open the file „Apps_info.xml“.

Step 4: 

Search for the App Name. For Example i want to change the „CarMediaPlay“ into „Music“.
Then Search for the Name „CarMediaPlay“.

You will see something like this:


You only have to change the Text inside „DisplayAppName“.
Change it to „Music“ then it looks like this


Step 6:

Safe the File! and Copy it to your iPhone. Remember to delete „Apps_info_temp.xml“ on your iPhone otherwise it will not work.

Step 7:

To Edit icons on your Screen you have to browse through the PNG’s inside the „Recommened Apps“ directory and search for your App.

We want to Change the CarMediaPlayer icon to a good looking music icon.

The „AppCode“ for this App is 511262089.
Search this File.
Now you have 2 Files. One is „511262089_launcher.png“ and one „511262089_recommended.png“

As you can see you just have to edit the „511262089_launcher.png“. The other one is just for the Recommended Apps inside the AppRadio App.

Just edit the png with an Image Editor like Fireworks, Photoshop….

You can also use my music icon i added at the bottom of this post.

Step 8:

Replace the modified files on your iPhone and open the AppRadio App.
Now you see your AppRadio in another way!


If you want to edit the icons „Contacts“ , „Maps“ , „Pictures“ which are native provided by Pioneer your have to Navigate to „“ - „PGW_ICON_*.png“

Here is a List of Filenames which you have to replace to have a new icon:

PGW_ICON_CONTACTS.png - Contacts
PGW_ICON_MAPS.png - Maps
PGW_ICON_PHOTOS.png - Photos

PGW_ICON_RECOMMEDATION.png - Recommended Apps

You can use your own icon files and background image to do this as well as your own preferred apps for each function. Make sure the image files are named correctly and in the correct resolutions.

Thanks, Eric, for sharing this.


  1. Is this possible to do on iFile?

  2. this should be a winterboard theme, it would be alot safer than maually modding the icons

  3. This works using ifile as well, so far I've just replaced my phone screen when in appmode but everything works the same, here's how I did it

    1. save the photo/icon you'd like to use to your photo library on your phone

    2. open ifile - navigate to /var/mobile/media/DCIM/100APPLE (or similar)

    3. select the photo you'd like to use, hit edit at the top right then select your photo, hit the clipboard at the bottom right

    4. navigate to the appradio app, it's kind of hard to find so you'll have to look but it was under


    5. I would recommend adding a bookmark to these folders (appradio & photos) so you can have quick access in the future

    6. paste the photo into the appradio folder

    7. find the photo/icon you are replacing. For the phone display on mine it was NX120_L_IP_001_iPhone5

    8. copy the name of that photo then change it (can't have 2 photos named the same thing), I add a 1 to the end of the photo so I can change it back later and know where it is

    9. find the photo you pasted in there (probably under IMG_ or something similar), change the name of that to the one you copied

    10. Respring and see if it worked. Worked for me so now this displays instead of the appradio icon


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