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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Aftermarket Head Units May Never Get CarPlay Compatibility

Since Apple's announcement of CarPlay earlier this month, iPhone owners all over have been scrambling to find out if aftermarket solutions will be available anytime soon. But it seems like the only way you can get your hands on a CarPlay system this year will be if you shell out over $60,000 on a brand new car. Here's why...

According to a report on AppleInsider, two top aftermarket head unit manufacturers, Pioneer and Kenwood, have suggested that CarPlay won't be coming to any of their products anytime soon. Other competing brands like Alpine, JVC, Audiovox, and Sony haven't responded to requests for comment.

"Apple CarPlay won't be in any of our 2014 products"; this according to Kenwood marketing manager Scott Caswell. Caswell went on further to inform that some of CarPlay's features are already offered on Kenwood head units like Siri and A/V playback.

Pioneer Electronics, the makers of the AppRadio which was launched back in 2011, also appeared to dismiss any rumors of a CarPlay enabled system. Commenting on a statement made in that regard by a customer service representative, Pioneer corporate communications executive Jaed Arzadon said "the story was not an official statement by Pioneer and was taken out of context."

CarPlay works like AppRadio Mode from Pioneer which gives users a smartphone like interface on their dashboards. The common smartphone functions like phone calls, navigation and music streaming are available to access from the car along with third-party applications.

Apple's can put aftermarket hardware manufacturers in a tailspin if they offer their own aftermarket head unit at some point. That scenario is definitely not too far-fetched. A double-DIN head unit that only does CarPlay might be the next hotcake.

Source: AppleInsider

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  1. Sad enough I would probably buy a head unit made by apple, because I know it will work. I have the appradio 3 now and I can't stand it... So limited and buggy. It doesn't work good at all with the iphone 5 unless you have it jailbroken and still it's not that good.


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