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Friday, December 11, 2015

Deezer Music Is Back On Apple CarPlay After Latest Update

Deezer Music, a music streaming app, recently dropped Apple CarPlay compatibility for no known reason. The app was CarPlay compatible for a couple of months before an update removed the app from CarPlay. 

But the latest app update has brought back Deezer to the car dashboard.

Deezer Music (version 5.9.0) - App Store description

Deezer is never short of surprises to make it even easier for you to enjoy your music:

- Because we care about your playlists: When a new track is added to a playlist you love, a little blue badge pops up on your tab bar, next to your "My Music" icon. 

- Music at your fingertips just took on a whole new meaning with 3D Touch. Simply press on your app icon and immediately access Flow, search for a track, album or artist. 

- Imagine if you could access all your music from the dashboard of your car. Well imagine no more, Deezer has teamed up with CarPlay allowing you to enjoy your playlists, mixes, albums and Flow in any car compatible with CarPlay. Available for iOS 7.1 users. 

We never get tired of hearing positive feedback. So if you're happy and you know it rate the app, *clap, clap*.

Link to download: Deezer Music from the App Store

The best part about Deezer Music is the high-definition audio streaming. All tracks and content can be streamed in CD-quality. If you aren't any kind of an audiophile this may not seem like a big deal but once you've heard high quality audio and noticed the difference from regular MP3s you might never want to go back to low-fi audio. 

To enjoy Deezer Music in CarPlay, you will need to be a Premium+ or Elite member. Although Deezer offers free, ad-supported listening, CarPlay compatibility is only available for paid subscribers. 

That might explain why Deezer dropped CarPlay support a while back. Developers perhaps want to attract more subscribers by offering CarPlay compatibility. But if you love listening to Deezer or high-def audio in general, a subscription to enjoy it while driving may be worth it. 

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