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Monday, December 21, 2015

EC Touch For AppRadio Brings Offline Maps And Turn-By-Turn Navigation

A major update for the popular Pioneer AppRadio Mode compatible app EC Touch has been released today. The new version 5.0 brings a couple of nice features to the dashboard - Offline Maps and Turn-By-Turn Navigation.

Additional details are after the break...

EC Touch for AppRadio (version 5.0) - App Store description

- Great changes in this version, now we've added support for offline maps and a powerful turn-by-turn navigation system with voice guidance.- You can search an address or a POI in offline mode or one of your contacts and start navigating to it without taking care about your internet connection.- Offline maps and POI search are included in Place, Entry and Advanced package.- Turn-by-Turn navigation requests to buy the specific InApp purchase package (it includes Offline Maps as well).

It's strongly suggested to use iOS devices from iPhone 5 or later for AppRadio One/USB UsersIt requests iOS 8 or later.

The EC Touch app is developed by Motus Lab. 

AppRadio Mode has had its challenges over the recent past but it seems to work quite reliably these days. The most annoying issue of screen resizing to a smaller resolution has been fixed at the moment. 

EC Touch has great features embedded in it. You can even watch YouTube videos within the app. Additional feature package purchases may be required.

Give offline maps and the voice guided turn-by-turn navigation a try. Offline maps is a highly sought after feature for navigation apps because it gives your smartphone and dashboard a fully equipped navi system without having to shell out additional bucks.

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