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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Firmware Update Available For Pioneer AppRadio 4 And NEX Head Units

Pioneer Electronics has released firmware updates for its most popular head units - AppRadio 4 (SPH-DA120) and NEX receivers. The updates are available for download from Pioneer's website.

More details are below the break.

The firmware update brings a few bug fixes and improvements for the dashboard receivers. For example, second generation NEX head units have the following improvements:

- Support for AVICSYNC
- Improvement of voice guidance for Android Auto
- Minor bug fixes

Each head unit has different improvements. Looks like Android Auto voice guidance improvements are the main theme for these updates which were first made available on 12/16/2015. Details can be found on each firmware notice.

Update Instructions

Depending on the head unit you have, you will need an SD card or USB drive to install the update files. The USB drive has to be connected to the USB 1 port on compatible head units. A capacity of 2GB or more is recommended formatted to FAT32.

There is an update instruction PDF also available on Pioneer's website.

Only devices sold in the United States and Canada should be updated. For other countries, visit your corresponding Pioneer website for availability details.

Where to find the update?

Visit Pioneer's newly redesigned website and head over to the car section. On the webpage for your head unit, click on the 'Firmware & Software' tab and find the update files there.

Make sure to download the correct firmware file corresponding to your head unit. Head unit model numbers are located on the front of most devices.

Source: Pioneer Electronics


  1. I just updated my Appradio4 and now it makes a faint high-pitched buzzing sound whenever the headunit is on. The sound comes from the headunit, not the car speakers. Did you encounter this issue?

  2. mines done this since it was installed. (UK therefore i haven't applied this firmware)

  3. I hear this sometimes with my AppRadio 4 regardless of the firmware update, so it probably has nothing to do with the FW update. It's noticeable at random.


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