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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Speedometa Will Soon Tell You Your Speed In Pioneer AppRadio Mode [Sneak Peek]

Pioneer AppRadio Mode users may want to read this. There is an iOS app called Speedometa which is currently available in the App Store. It is a simple speedometer app that tells you your speed using your iPhone's GPS capability.

The interesting part is, the app developer is adding AppRadio Mode compatibility to the app. Here is a screenshot and other features that are coming soon to Speedometa...

Speedometa developer Ricardo Santos gave me a sneak peek into the AppRadio Mode compatibility of the app. I took the app for a spin and it seems to work really well with AppRadio Mode.

The AppRadio Mode display is split into two halves. One half shows your current speed (in a green font against a blue background). The other half displays a map with red light and speed camera locations.

While connected to AppRadio Mode, the iPhone also displays your speed...

Santos says he plans to add more features in coming versions.

Speedometa is currently available for free from the App Store. AppRadio Mode connectivity will soon be available as an in-app purchase.

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