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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ford To Announce Partnership With Google To Build Self-Driving Cars? [CES 2016]

CES 2016 is only about two weeks away and there is plenty of buzz going around. None bigger than this Yahoo Autos news story - Ford and Google will pair up to build self-driving cars and the announcement will be made official at the January 2016 event.

According to the Yahoo Autos news report, Ford is set to gain a massive boost in self-driving software development by partnering with Google. Google has been long believed to be leading in the autonomous car development. The company currently is licensed to test autonomous cars on city streets in the San Francisco Bay Area.

There are 53 Google test vehicles on California and Texas roads today. The cars have logged a cumulative 1.3 million miles.

The partnership with Ford means Google won't need to spend billions of dollars and perhaps plenty of time manufacturing vehicles for mass production. Ford brings the hardware to the table while Google brings the software.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin earlier this year suggested the company was looking for automakers that would use their self-driving system.

The news report does not offer any additional details about the partnership. It does, however, suggest that the deal will be non-exclusive. This means Google will be free to partner up with other automakers. Several car manufacturers like Nissan, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz, are already developing their own self-driving technology.

You can read the entire Yahoo Autos news report here.

Source: Yahoo Autos

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