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Friday, February 3, 2012

How To: Add Custom Background To AppRadio (Credit - Mike DeCaro)

Custom background image on AppRadio
Here's how to add a custom background image to your AppRadio as suggested by Mike DeCaro (@mikedecaro). I have confirmed this and it works as seen in the picture above.

  • Find a suitable background image you'd like to use with your AppRadio.
  • Adjust the size of the image to 800x480 resolution.
  • Save/convert the image file to a Portable Network Graphics or PNG image (you can do this in Preview on a Mac in the Save options).
  • Rename the image file to "Background.png" without the quotation marks.
  • Open up iTunes and connect your iDevice to the computer.
  • Click on your device's name in iTunes and then click "Apps".
  • Find the AppRadio app in the File Sharing menu at the bottom of the page. There should be a box labeled "AppRadio Documents" next to it.
  • Click "Add..." below.
  • Select your "Background.png" image file and click "Open".
  • Sync your iDevice to iTunes.
After the Sync is complete simple connect your iDevice to the AppRadio and launch the AppRadio app. Your custom background image will now show up. Thanks again to Mike DeCaro for this awesome tip.


  1. Will this only work with a jail broken iPhone? I have tried this but cannot see the new image.

    1. I tried this with my unjailbroken iPhone 4 and it works. Make sure you follow the steps correctly. Filename and resolution needs to be exactly as in the description. Filename maybe case-sensitive.

    2. Thanks for the reply. My image and everything was fine, it just would not show up. I deleted/re-installed appradio app and repeated the procedure and it worked! So if anyone else has issues, try that.

  2. This no longer works after the new update last night?? Anyone else update this morning?

  3. Hi guys,

    I have just received my SPH-DA-100, trouble is, this is American and I'm Australian.

    Now I'm told that the installed radio will not work in Australia.

    Any thoughts on the matter?

    I'm thinking there could possibly be some sort of add-on/converter, just like DAB+ add-ons.

    Hope you can advise.


    1. The radio functions won't work since you guys use even numbered frequencies down under. The other functions should work without any issues though.

      I'm not aware of any converters that would work. I had another European user write to me about this issue.

    2. For the record, you can flash the Aussie/NZ firmware over the North American firmware... Just follow the directions for flashing from Pioneer. Worked for me after I bought mine off ebay. I'm in New Zealand.

  4. Is the process the same for appradio2 with android?

  5. Hello great experience, dude! thanks for this great Articles wow… it’s very wonderful report.

  6. HI we are trying to do this with iphone on app raido 3 will this still work? cus it is making me very upset lol!


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