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Monday, September 14, 2015

Toyota Says Put Your iPhone In Airplane Mode While Driving [Video]

There's no denying how dangerous it can be to use your phone while driving. There are laws in place to prevent that from happening yet people continue to text, call and browse the internet while behind the wheel.

Now Toyota is warning drivers against the ill-effects of smartphone-distracted driving by running an ad in Sweden that basically tells you to put your iPhone (specifically) in airplane mode before driving. But Toyota wants to take this a step further and do it for you.

According to the ad, Toyota could use 'Hey Siri' to put your iPhone in airplane mode. While your phone is plugged in to a power source and 'Hey Siri' is activated, a simple radio message could do the job for you.

Taking over someone's cell phone might not be well received though. I also think using the iPhone specifically as an example (why not Android or Windows or any other cell phone?) doesn't necessarily send the correct message.

What about people who can't afford Toyota's built-in navigation system and prefer to use their iPhone instead for getting directions? In airplane mode this would not be possible. I also wonder how Toyota plans on getting their future 'SmartDeviceLink' system working with iPhones in airplane mode.

Although it looks like Toyota has the right intentions, there could have been other ways of sending across a road safety message. Hijacking Siri to lockdown a driver's iPhone could have bad effects too.

The ad has received largely positive feedback from viewers on YouTube (124 thumbs up, 11 thumbs down so far). It ran in Sweden this Summer. Watch it below...

Source: Toyota Sverige via YouTube

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