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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Android Auto App Updated With Improved Home Screen And Bug Fixes

Google has released an update to its Android Auto app. Version 1.3.089821 has added interface improvements and a few bug fixes.

Here are some more details and screenshots of the home screen in the latest version...

Android Auto (version 1.3.089821) - Google Play description

What's New

- Improved home screen, allowing you to see ongoing activities like music and navigation at a glance.
- Various bug fixes and improvements.

Link to download: Android Auto from Google Play

So how is the new home screen different from the existing version? Google had included some of these improvements to the home screen in version 1.2 which was released about a month ago. Version 1.3.089821 includes those improvements too. So if you had skipped the 1.2 update, updating to the latest version will have you covered.

First, here is the old Android Auto home screen...

Here is the new home screen...

Home Screen Improvements in Android Auto

1. Different Colored Cards: Cards are bits of relevant information displayed on the home screen. For example, if you're getting directions and listening music at the same time, Android Auto will display these two cards on your home screen.

In previous versions, all cards had a white background possibly making it difficult to pick up at a glance. The new cards are colored differently (Google Maps - green, Music - grey/black, Messages - white) and are arranged based on priority.

2. Play/Pause Button on Home Screen: You can now play/pause music right from the home screen. There are no skip buttons though. To skip tracks you will have to click the music card to launch the corresponding app.

3. Expanded Navigation: You can see your navigation directions directly from the home screen. No need to be inside the Google Maps app. The Maps card has a green background and displays all the information you need to proceed to your destination.

4. Animated Scrolling: Not exactly animated by when you scroll through the card list on the home screen you will notice the cards appear separate from each other. This is a minor change.

5. New Background Image

I haven't experienced any new issues with the latest version of Android Auto so far. Google says it has fixed a few bugs with this update but no more details on that are available in the release notes.

Source: Google Play

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