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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Apple's Project Titan Could Feature A Futuristic Widescreen Head-Up Display

Even though the day Apple sells you a car is a few years away, it doesn't stop anyone from speculating. Codenamed Project Titan, the project has gathered a lot of intrigue after The Guardian posted an exclusive report on a possible testing facility being scouted by Apple.

As more rumors come to light, the little pieces of what the Apple Car may look start falling together. Now, an analyst from Global Equities Research says Apple could be working on a futuristic head-up display (HUD) made for car windshields.

According to a report on the Washington Post a few weeks back, analyst Trip Chowdhry says, the Cupertino company is "very likely" working on a 27- to 50-inch HUD. The technology is similar to the one used by jet pilots.

Although Chowdhry didn't categorically say the HUD was being developed for Project Titan, it is unlikely that Apple would develop a standalone product for the car without having its own car in mind for implementation. The only other possible use for a large display like that would be in a television.

An HUD would not be a breakthrough product though as other tech companies already sell similar hardware, albeit in smaller sizes. Garmin, for example, has been selling its own HUD which projects navigation instructions on the car windshield. Automakers like BMW and Volvo also sell HUDs.

The coming weeks, months and years will cook up plenty of similar rumors on what the Apple Car might look like. Just a couple of months ago, there was a report (Manager - German Magazine) that suggested Apple may have approached BMW for inquiries about the German automaker's i3 electric vehicle. Apple was reportedly 'interested' in the hardware or parts of that vehicle for its own project.

Stay tuned for more rumors like these.

Source: Washington Post
Image source: Pioneer NavGate HUD

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