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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

AppRadio Mode Screen Resizing Is Back In iOS 9, No Fix In Sight

If you use a Pioneer AppRadio Mode-capable head unit, you will be aware of the screen resizing issue that has plagued the interface for quite some time now. The issue refers to the screen resolution resizing to a smaller size and leaving dead space around all edges.

You can imagine using AppRadio Mode on a smaller 6.2-inch display head unit like the AppRadio 4. Screen resizing seems like an iOS issue (does not happen on Android), and when Apple released iOS 9 last week, I was curious to know if it had been fixed. But I can tell you it hasn't been.

Take a look at these pictures showing what screen resizing looks like in iOS 9...

This picture shows AppRadio Mode in fullscreen mode - no resizing...

And here is the display resized to a smaller resolution...

It's anyone's guess on when and if at all this issue will get fixed anytime soon. Apple fixed the issue in iOS 7 the last time and also in iOS 8. But the issue came back in iOS 8.3 and has been around ever since.

If anything changes, I will let you all know. For now, enjoy the smaller resolution in AppRadio Mode.

Top image source: Pioneer

1 comment :

  1. Do you know if the Waze, keyboard and other issues that occurred to AppRadio Mode after iOS 8 release are happening again on iOS 9?
    My iPhone still has iOS 8, do you recommend migrating to iOS 9?


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