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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Apple CarPlay Display Bug In iOS 9 Surfaces, Here's A Temporary Fix

If you've updated your iPhone to iOS 9 recently, then you may have noticed the few subtle improvements Apple has made in CarPlay. Better Siri functionality, a new Siri splash screen, the newer iOS 9 font etc. are just a few of those improvements.

But with all new things come a few bugs, and I stumbled into one such display bug in CarPlay recently. At first, I thought it was just a one-off occurrence but when the issue recurred, I did some research on it. I connected my iPhone to another head unit and the bug was present there too.

The worst part is there is only one confirmed fix for the issue right now but it's not a permanent fix.

Sometimes when you launch CarPlay in your vehicle, the display is displaced to the top and to the left of the screen (image above). This means you partially see only two icons (Phone & Music) on the CarPlay homescreen, and less than 10% of the display is used. It seems like the icons are much smaller in size too. And all CarPlay content is restricted to the one little rectangle in the upper left corner.

Disconnecting the iPhone and reconnecting it doesn't fix the problem. You can try everything from launching different CarPlay apps to switching the car off and on but nothing seems to work at the moment. The only way to fix this annoying display bug is to reboot your iPhone. Yes, switch off the thing and turn it back on (unsafe to do while driving, so pull over and do it).

Then, go ahead and reconnect to CarPlay. The interface will now be displayed correctly, in full resolution.

This issue looks like an iOS 9 problem since I've been using CarPlay for over a year now and this is the first time the it has surfaced. I was using my iPhone 6 running iOS 9 on the Pioneer AppRadio 4 (SPH-DA120) when the interface first got displaced to the corner of the screen. Since then I've faced the issue at least thrice in the last few days.

Has anyone else faced this issue? Let us know in the comments below. Hopefully a fix is coming soon.


  1. I had a similar issue. CarPlay on my 4100nex was overstretched but only on the music apps. The other apps were fine. What I mean by overstretched was that you could not see the "back" button to go back to playlists, artists, etc. and the song number (1 of 12) was cutoff. A hard reboot fixed the problem. Also, right before the problem started I messed how bold the iPhone lettering was in the 6+ settings. The problem happened right after that. I set everything back to default for text size. No more problems since.

  2. Yes I have had some issues since iOS9. Streaming Spotify and then minimising it to show maps or something, causes the music to stop playing. I also found that the display unit (Pioneer SPH-DA120) is not preventing the iPhone from locking. In iOS8 the phone blanked out but was not locked.

  3. Since my upgrade to an iPhone 6s+ with iOS 9.2 the car radio (Pioneer SPH-DA120) does not recognise carplay at all. I only see the the phone as an iPod now so I cannot use all functions. Contacted Pioneer but they are not aware of problems like this.


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