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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

[BREAKING] Pioneer Introduces AppRadioLIVE, Makes Your Head Unit Look New

This is great news for AppRadio Mode enabled head unit owners! Pioneer has introduced a new app called AppRadioLIVE which will give your head unit a brand new look. The app is designed to work alongside AppRadio app and brings all the commonly used functions into one slick, smooth and snappy interface.

Read along for full details and screenshots...

AppRadioLIVE is available for download in the App Store for iOS users. The app doesn't show up in Google Play yet but may be coming shortly. It works with all AppRadio Mode enabled Pioneer head units and supports the following devices running iOS 7 or later:

- iPhone 5S/5C/5
- iPhone 4S/4
- iPod Touch 5th gen (requires internet connectivity)

Here are some more details from the App Store description:

AppRadio LIVE (version 1.0.0)

AppRadioLive is here to simplify your drive by combining the information you need during your commute into a single, simple to use interface. Maps, media, news information, and your events calendar are within reach with the smooth and intuitive interface. Take your drive to the next level with AppRadioLive.

Key features:
- Traffic Flow and Incidents provide by INRIX®*
- Find points of interest including restaurants with reviews provided by Yelp®*
- Discover concerts and events near your location with the help of Eventseeker*
- Get an ETA to your Home or Work from your current location

- Control the content from your iPhone / iPod
- Access over 25 millions songs from your Rdio®* account
- Access all the latest podcasts from your Stitcher®* account
- Listen to hundreds of Internet Radio streams from across the globe

News Information
- Stay up to date on the latest news with the help of Feedly®* and text-to-speech technology
- Check the 5 day weather forecast for your current location, your home, or work.

Calendar Events
- Stay organized by accessing your iPhone's calendar and Facebook®* events in a single, simple interface.
- Learn about concerts, sporting events and more activities nearby with Eventseeker*, and easily add those events to your calendar.

Initial reviews in the App Store give the app more than 4 stars out of 5. From the screenshots the new AppRadioLIVE looks stunning. We are currently testing the app and will have a full review up shortly. 

Here are screenshots from Pioneer...

Download: You can download AppRadioLIVE from the App Store today.


  1. I am currently trying this app out. It's kind of similar to EC Touch, except the integrated app choices are different and there are less of them. The problem with EC Touch is that it doesn't work very well, and it costs $6 to find that out lol. AppRadioLive seems to do everything it says, but I wish the maps portion was Waze. It'll let you go from Inrix to "NAV", and in my case, that is Waze. Then it will switch over to the NAV app, completely leaving AppRadioLive. I listen to a lot of podcasts and use CarMediaPlayer for that. Using Stitcher within AppRadioLive works nicely (I've never used stitcher before), but it won't remember your place in a podcast if you come back to it at a later time. Overall I like the novelty of this app, but it just adds another layer to an already complicated infotainment system. I may end up deleting it. I'm already used to using all the apps separately. ...and only a handful of apps are compatible with AppRadioLive.

    1. May i ask where you are from?

      I'm trying to download the app in the UK but can't find it in the app store no matter what I search for.

    2. Maybe it's available in the US only.

    3. That's me. ...and I'm in the USA.

  2. I was able to download it in Canada. Seems to work pretty well. Best feature is the schedule app part of it. Takes FB Twitter and all other data sources and shows you concerts, and other related music stuff going on around town. That is pretty useful if you can think of where to go or what is happening in your town. Also if the calendar event has a location, a single press gives you the directions. Works slick. Agree with the Waze idea. I think if they added Swarm, email and had notifications tied to iMessage they would have everything I was looking for. Still hoping Apple pushes for app radio integration but I hear its delayed on the NEX systems again. Whatever the case you don't have the annoying prompts that the app radio app makes you press everytime. Wish the button on the radio could link to this app instead, and have app radio as a button inside of Live. The internet radio works slick here in Canada where we can't get a music service like Pandora.

  3. I have managed to get this working by obtaining this from the US app store, however, the map data etc is not set up for the UK so is pointless at the minute.

    Can't wait for this to be made available to the UK as it seems to work fine under IOS8 beta2


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