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Thursday, June 19, 2014

EC Touch For AppRadio Updated To Add Weather Information To Homescreen

EC Touch for AppRadio was updated recently to add a new Weather information widget to the homescreen. The initial update version 4.0 had a bug that would refuse to display weather information for most US cities. The app would either display weather information for London or Rome and this could not be changed.

We were one of the first ones to detect the bug and report it to the developers.

The bug has since been fixed and a new update version 4.0.1 was released. Now you can customize your city preferences by either manually entering the information or using your current location. More information is below...

EC Touch for AppRadio (version 4.0.1) (App Store description)

Great news from EC Touch!
From today you can see the weather forecast during your travels. With a simple touch you can access the weather forecasts of the location where you are.

- Fixed a bug in YouTube's playlist selection.

The widget is added to the top left corner of your EC Touch homescreen. The other corners display now playing information, and Facebook and Twitter updates (if configured).

How to configure: Click the weather widget on the EC Touch homescreen. There the current location city's weather will be displayed with a five-day forecast. You can customize the city you want to view by clicking the magnifying glass icon and manually entering the name of the city. You don't have to add the state as the search gives you a list of cities to chose from.

There is a tab that can be toggled to activate automatic search which will give you information of the city you are currently located in.

Download: EC Touch for AppRadio is available for iOS only. You can download the latest version 4.0.1 from the App Store today.

Weather bug (FIXED):

The initial version 4.0 gave the following weather information when using your location or manually entering a city name...

Then developers sent out this message to users informing them of the bug...

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  1. Using version 4.0.3, the weather is app still does not work. You are not able to do a manual or even an advanced search.


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