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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Automatic For Android Updated To Version 1.0 With New Features

Automatic Smart Driving Assistant is an OBD-II device that connects to your smartphone giving you access to vehicle diagnostic information like error codes. Manufacturers have announced an update for the Android version of the smartphone app with new added features. Here's the complete scoop...

Two new features have been added to version 1.0 of the Android app. The first is Crash Alert which is currently in beta. Crash Alert is available on iOS too.

With Crash Alert the app will now be able to detect serious crashes (using your phone's accelerometer) and notify local authorities with your location, even if you can't. An Automatic agent will even stay on the line with you until help arrives and contact your loved ones if you want.

The second feature added is "Do Not Disturb" which is an Android exclusive feature. When you activate the mode your phone all alerts are silenced, allowing you to stay focused on the road while driving.

The OBD-II Automatic Link connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0 on iOS and Bluetooth 2.1+ on Android.

Buy Automatic Link: You can purchase the OBD-II device on Amazon for $99.95. Here's an affiliate link to purchase...

You can download the latest version of Automatic from Google Play today.

Source: Automatic Blog

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