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Friday, January 31, 2014

Major EC Touch For AppRadio Update Released For iOS 7

EC Touch for AppRadio is an app that brings together many functions to one interface. You can even listen to Spotify Radio or SoundCloud through EC Touch even though those individual apps aren't AppRadio compatible.

The iOS app was updated yesterday to version 3.1 to fix many of the existing issues with iOS 7. Full details of this major release are below the break.

EC Touch for AppRadio (version 3.1)

New release 3.1 is compatible only with iOS 7 due to new services and bug fixing.

What's new in EC Touch 3.1:

- Added new Web Radio Service. Web radios come back to EC Touch, same user interface but brand new service. It is available only for owners of Advanced/Entry Level or old TuneIn In-App.
- Added the starred playlist on Spotify. Now you can manage your favorites tracks on Spotify.
- Added favorites on SoundCloud. 
- Automatic update customizable for Facebook and Twitter. Too much data to download? Decrease or stop automatic updates for Facebook and Twitter.
- New main menu: New Main Menu is bigger and customizable. Organize the list of services as you want.
- Fixed a bug for VEVO videos.
- Fixed minor bugs.

A couple of months ago we had written about how EC Touch would not play VEVO videos in spite of the description claiming that it did. That bug has finally been fixed. VEVO videos play without any issues.

You can download the latest version of EC Touch for AppRadio from the App Store today.

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  1. I cannot figure out the packages they sell, which one is the one that has the best features?


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