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Thursday, January 2, 2014

HondaLink Apps Run Perfectly In AppRadio Mode [Video]

One of our readers, Daniel Zaglul, has stumbled across an interesting piece of functionality. Honda's latest in-car entertainment system, HondaLink, may well have be developed by Pioneer. According to a video made by Daniel, the HondaLink apps work with full functionality in AppRadio Mode.

Daniel posted the video first at Avic411 along with a description as to how he found out about this. An excerpt and the video itself are below...

"I found this by using apples own settings panel. If you go to settings/general/about and scroll down while your AppRadio is connected to your iPhone 5 or above you will see a tab called display unit that you can touch. Pressing it will give you the option of seeing available apps. This usually updates faster than Pioneer's website so this is how I check for new apps.

Well today I was surprised to find HondaLink and it's two apps on the list....I downloaded the two free apps and yep. They work perfectly well on Appradio."

He further goes on to say that he has tried the "Aha" music streaming app and it works well with the AppRadio. This applies to AppRadio 2 and above as well as the iPhone 5 series of smartphones (5/5C/5S).

Here's the YouTube video...

It might be safe to presume that whatever apps Honda brings to HondaLink may become AppRadio compatible too. 

Reverse compatibility is not known at this time. As in whether AppRadio compatible apps work with HondaLink. Maybe someone who owns a Honda with HondaLink installed can enlighten us on this.

Thanks, Daniel for this interesting piece of information.

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