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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ticket For Driving Wearing Google Glass Tossed [Report]

The highly anticipated verdict in the Google Glass traffic violation is out. Tech enthusiasts and others have been waiting expectantly for what would happen to the case involving a woman who was cited for wearing Google Glass while driving.

A court date was set for California resident Cecilia Abadie who was pulled over late last year for speeding and cited for wearing Google's wearable device. California vehicle code 27602, prohibits operating a video-display in front of the driver's head rest where it can distract the driver.

On appearing in a San Diego traffic court this week, commissioner John Blair threw out both charges stating there wasn't enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Google Glass was turned on at the time. The outcome may have been different if it could have been proven that the device was operational while driving.

This ruling is in no way a vote of victory for Google Glass though. Drivers can still be pulled over for wearing the device while driving and cited or warned depending on the individual officer. Even getting an outcome like Abadie got where the charges were tossed is up to individual court judges.

There are no nationwide laws that ban Google Glass specifically at this time but three states, Delaware, West Virginia and New Jersey have drafted their own laws banning the device while driving.

Google Glass is still in beta.

Source: CNN

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