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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Latest News From AppEx Suggests Coding Issues For iOS 7 [Jailbreak]

AppRadio Extensions (AppEx) is still a work-in-progress. The jailbreak tweak hasn't been successfully updated for iOS 7 but developer Mike DeCaro is working around the clock to fix the existing coding issues. He posted a message on the AVIC411 boards informing users about his progress...

From Mike:

Just a quick status update:

We made some progress with getting AppEx running on iOS 7, but many of the features aren't working. Apple made some huge changes to the backend of iOS 7 so it may take a while to figure out workarounds for all of the issues. I'll keep everyone posted as we go.

AppEx was made open source sometime last year. There is another developer working on this with Mike. AppEx is truly a must-have for AppRadio owners. 

More news coming soon. Support Mike's efforts by visiting his site and donating.


  1. Im so excited for this, hopefully all coding issues can and will be resolved. Keep up the good work Mike and the other developers. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!


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