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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

AppRadio+ Surfaces - Jailbroken AppRadio Firmware

A jailbroken version of the AppRadio firmware has surfaced on the web. It's called "AppRadio+" or "AppRadio More". There are reports on a couple of forums and blogs that suggest Russian and French versions are now available. The firmware installs like any other firmware update (using a microSD card). An English version is not available yet.

Here are a few things the jailbroken firmware does. This description is translated from the French version so pardon the grammar. Paraphrasing...

  • Removed the message "Warning" on startup
  • Installing the Windows Mobile platform
  • Connection Sharing iPhone/AppRadio
  • Can be installed in all applications would
  • And plenty of other things that I have not had time to test
It's not clear at this time what exactly the firmware does. Looks like it's taking advantage of the Windows Mobile platform to install other apps. I have seen a couple of YouTube videos where a custom wallpaper has been added throughout the firmware and what looks like a windows-like API. 

Will this be something to look forward to or worth the wait? Time will tell.


  1. There's an english version out, it's just a translated version of the russian release. Appradio+ will let you run iGO without even having an iPhone connected, it will also give you access to Windows ME and let you use it's native applications, it can launch sveral apps for the MIPS-proccesors.

  2. is there anything that would lead you to believe they might turn off the parking break thing instead of wiring a bypass switch?

  3. considering its a against the law, i doubt it. takes 5 minutes to hook a toggle switch up if your that interested in getting a "wreckless driving ticket" which is pts on your liscense.

  4. Is this still being developed? Do they have anything for AppRadio 3 yet? Where can we read more about it? (google'n now)


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