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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

AppRadio SDK Coming With AppRadio 2 Launch?

Everyone's been waiting for the promised AppRadio App Development Program. CES 2012 showcased the AppRadio 2 from Pioneer Electronics. No specific launch date has been given for the second generation device but Pioneer's website suggests 'Spring 2012' as the launch time.

So where is the software development kit (SDK) that Pioneer promised?
A lot of developers and non-developers are eager to make apps that are AppRadio compatible. I'm personally looking forward to giving it a shot too. I have contacted Pioneer support a couple of times but with no concrete answers. My last inquiry about the SDK yielded this reply from them:
"No further information is available at this time. More information may become available as the unit [AppRadio 2] gets closer to release."
I wouldn't put it beyond Pioneer to make the SDK available a few weeks before AppRadio 2 hits the stores. It would be an additional selling point for AppRadio 2. There's no doubt that having more apps become AppRadio compatible would make the product more appealing. So seems like we'll have to wait until Spring for a chance to develop apps. Hang in there!

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