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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Question: Is Waze (iOS Version) AppRadio Compatible?

Waze is indeed a very nice app
Jeff asked:
"Does Waze work with the AppRadio? The Pioneer site lists Waze (Android) but nobody seems to know if the iOS version works. I've been considering buying an in-dash navigation system, but they are pricey. The AppRadio is half the price, and I love using Waze. So it'd be awesome!"

Ok Jeff. To answer your question in one word... 'NO'. The iOS version of Waze is NOT AppRadio compatible (not yet anyways). I tried it out today to reconfirm and there is no AppRadio interface for Waze. When launched the app continues to remain displayed on the iPhone itself despite being connected to the AppRadio.

Also, there is no suggestion of the app becoming AppRadio compatible anytime soon. But since the Android version is going to work with AppRadio 2 it is worth waiting and hoping for the iOS version to follow suit.

If you love Waze so much I'd suggest waiting till the AppRadio 2 launch (Spring 2012). Until then it isn't the right time to buy AppRadio anyways. Simply because with the launch of a second generation product, prices of the first generation product are bound to fall further. So hold on to your horses!

P.S. There are AppRadio compatible navigation apps that are also quite nice but obviously not like Waze. Extra Mile is one of my favorites along with MotionX GPS Drive.


  1. The current beta version of waze is AppRadio compatible. So the next release should be ok.

  2. @anonymous It displays on the screen, but is NOT 100% compatible yet. If you need more info, i am running the AVH-8400BT with the ADVANCED APP CABLE.

  3. It is definitely working as of now. :)


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