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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

AppRadio Quick Tip: How To Access The Audio Source Control Keys

How to access the Audio Source Control Keys at anytime
If you didn't know this already here it is. So say you have Pandora playing your favorite tunes through your AppRadio in the background while you use the Extra Mile app to navigate through tight city streets. Then pops up a song you've heard way too many times and don't wish to hear it anymore. You want to skip to the next song asap! How do you do it without closing the Extra Mile app? Here's how to...

By using AppRadio's Audio Source Control (ASC) keys. These keys show up along the left side of any currently displayed screen on your AppRadio and can be accessed by pressing the Home button on the AppRadio twice. The keys included in the ASC panel are Mute toggle, Previous track, Play/Pause and Next track (as seen in the picture above). Using these keys, you can operate any audio source playing in the background without having to leave the screen currently displayed.

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