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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

AppRadio Prices At All-Time Low

AppRadio prices keep falling (not an actual price graph)

Just out of curiosity I browsed around different websites to check for AppRadio prices this morning. When I bought my AppRadio last summer it was introduced at a price of $399. Today, the lowest price I could find
for a refurbished AppRadio was $258 while a new one was priced at $289. I checked sites like eBay and Amazon. A Google Shopping search is also useful. The above prices included shipping. The official price on Pioneer's website is still listed at $399.

So if you're out there looking to purchase an AppRadio you may want to do a little pricing research first before you bite the MSRP bullet at the big retail store. There is money to be saved and especially with AppRadio 2 around the corner the first generation device is bound to have a price free fall. Happy shopping.

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