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Saturday, February 11, 2012

AppRadio Extensions v1.1.0 Now Available (Jailbreak Tweak)

AppRadio Extensions v1.1.0 now available

If you have a jailbroken iPhone 4/4S and Pioneer's AppRadio in your car then head on over to the Cydia store and download AppRadio Extensions. The latest update from developer Mike DeCaro adds iOS 5 support. This tweak can be accessed through the Settings app on your iPhone.

This update has a whole set of features ranging from the ability to disable the AppRadio launch video, to adding a Home button to Pandora. Here is a full list of the new features from the documentation:

  • Notifications: Redirects SMS and push notifications to the radio's screen
  • Home Buttons: Adds Home buttons to Rdio, INRIX, and MotionX GPS-Drive
  • Crash Recovery: Automatically launches the AppRadio app when one of the supported app crashes
  • Notification Size: Changes the font size of the notifications
  • Skip Intro Video: Skips the video that is played when the AppRadio app starts
  • Disable Home Launch: Stops unit from launching the AppRadio app when the Home button is pressed
  • Bypass Launch Alert: Bypasses the application launch warning that is displayed when plugging in your phone or pressing the Apps button
  • Custom Wallpaper: Changes the wallpaper in the AppRadio app. Once enabled, open the AppRadio app and select a wallpaper.
  • Pandora Home Button: Replaces the Bookmark button with a home button. The image on the Bookmark button will not change.
  • Rdio Large Navigation Bar: Increases the height of the navigation bar, making it easier to press.
Wow!!! This is really a large set of tweaks in one great download. Thanks, Mike!

AppRadio Extensions Credit: Mike DeCaro (@mikedecaro)

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