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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Latest INRIX Traffic Update Doesn't Address AppRadio Issue

INRIX Traffic update now available.
INRIX Traffic is a very useful app and I use it very often together with my AppRadio. But it has had issues for a very long time now. The most annoying is what I call the 'blank screen of death' on the AppRadio when trying to switch back to the app from another one. Force-quitting INRIX on the iPhone and relaunching is the only fix at the moment.

Yesterday an update was made available in the app store here. This update adds landscape mode and cup holder mode (both not very useful if using with AppRadio), improved traffic alerts and better incident filtering. Unfortunately the 'blank screen of death' issue has not been fixed. I was hoping it would get attention but hasn't. At least not for me. Either way, it's almost always advisable to update your apps to the latest version. So happy updating!

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  1. Thanks. The latest release of INRIX Traffic now fixes this bug.



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