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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

AppRadio Firmware Update 2.45 Now Available For Download

I've been waiting for a firmware update for my AppRadio for a while now but one which fixes a few known bugs. Well, Pioneer did make an update (V2.45) available earlier today but it doesn't do much. Here's a rundown.

Pioneer claims iOS 5 compatibility and 'bug fixes' in the latest update but there still isn't any support for iTunes Match. In other words if you use iTunes Match the AppRadio won't recognize or play those songs through it's iPod button. Although the update fixes bugs I think most of them are bugs that existed behind the scenes. There is no documentation available from Pioneer explaining what's been fixed or what's new in the latest update. I was also hoping for AppRadio 2-like look to the home screen which has an additional app icon (Pandora - seen in AppRadio 2 screenshots).

One thing I found is that when you click the Apps icon on the AppRadio it tries to launch the AppRadio app on the iPhone if it wasn't running already. However, your iPhone will still ask you to confirm the app launch. A little annoying and defeats the 'handsfree' purpose. Also, when making a call the AppRadio screen goes blank. You can't end the call on the AppRadio screen and the only way to do so is by hitting the 'End Call' button on the iPhone itself. Another thing that defeats the 'handsfree' purpose (you can also end the call through the steering wheel control though).

Even though the latest update doesn't offer any compelling new features it is still advisable to update your firmware. So head on over to Pioneer's AppRadio page to get the update. Instructions are available there too.


  1. Did you notice when you launch the apps button now and AppRadio launches, that it wants the parking break engaged?

    1. I just have a bypass switch so it's just a click.

  2. Where do you get and how do you mount the bypass switch?

    1. Ebay $10. Instructions are given with the switch


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