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Saturday, January 7, 2012

For What It's Worth: Camera App For AppRadio?

Camera App For The AppRadio?
I am not sure what the uses for something like this would be but I recently found a way to have the iPhone's camera display out to the AppRadio screen. Having a native app that does this would have questionable use. Maybe as some sort of a backup/reverse camera option? Or maybe for using your iPhone as a spy camera. Private eyes take note!

So if you have an iPhone and the AppRadio here's how to play with the camera (Screenshots after the page break).
Unfortunately you will also need DashCommand ($49.99). So if you already have it this is for you. It is definitely not worth buying DashCommand just to try this out.

After connecting your iPhone to the AppRadio launch DashCommand. Swipe over to 'Vehicle Manager' and click on it. In the top right corner click on the '+' sign to add your car info. Enter the necessary details and click 'Done'. Your vehicle's VIN number will be automatically obtained when connected with an OBD-II device. On the 'Vehicles' page you must now see your car with no picture next to it. Click on the little blue arrow to see detailed info about your car. Now just click on the space for your car's picture and a window will pop up asking you to select a vehicle photo either from the 'Camera' or 'Library'. Click on 'Camera' and voila... your iPhone's camera will be displayed out to the AppRadio screen.

Maybe if you have kids riding in the back seats you can use a camera app with display out to the AppRadio to keep an eye on them from the front seat. Or this can be just an app for fun. I'll leave the imagining of possibilities to you. Let me know with comments below if you have a nice idea.

1. Click on 'Vehicle Manager' on DashCommand
2. Click on the '+' and enter vehicle details
3. Click on the blue arrow next to your car
4. Click on the picture space on the left
5. Click on the 'Camera' option

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