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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jailbroken iPhone 4S And DisplayOut On AppRadio

Jailbroken iPhone 4S with DisplayOut to the AppRadio
Update: I have figured out why SBRotator doesn't function properly. The problem lies with Barrel, a jailbreak tweak that gives fancy animations as you scroll across your springboard. On disabling Barrel things seem to work great.

The untethered jailbreak for A5 powered iOS devices (iPhone 4S & iPad 2) was made available a few days ago. I was curious to see how screen mirroring would work with the AppRadio. I tried it out and I must say, it works great. With mirroring you can have all the apps displayed on your AppRadio. But there are downsides.

What you need: To try out mirroring you will obviously need a jailbroken iPhone 4S. You will also need to download 'DisplayOut' and 'SBRotator 5' from the Cydia Store. Both these extensions add extra settings in the iPhone's 'Settings' menu. SBRotator 5 basically allows you to view your iPhone's springboard (or home screen) in landscape mode. This is required to take full advantage of the AppRadio's screen. Viewing the home screen in portrait mode leaves unused real estate on the AppRadio.

SBRotator 5 issue: While display out works great SBRotator 5 works well until you try to rotate the screen back to portrait mode from landscape mode. The springboard gets mashed up with missing icons and the only way to revert back to normal is to disable SBRotator 5 and respring the springboard (or rebooting the iPhone). This type of behavior is common with a lot of jailbroken tweaks and this one is not that hard to deal with.

Uses: Having the ability to mirror your iPhone's screen (as the Apple TV does with AirPlay but that is wireless) opens up a variety of possibilities for AppRadio functionality. The one big drawback, however, is that the screen is only mirrored; the AppRadio's touchscreen is unusable. The AppRadio functions solely as an external display. If somehow the AppRadio's touchscreen can be used to input commands directly to the displayed out screen it would open up even more possibilities. Then you would not need to touch the iPhone at all, at any time. But I'm not sure if this is even possible.

The jailbreak is definitely useful though. The possibilities are endless. There maybe ways to tweak the home screen of the AppRadio using jailbroken extensions. I don't know but jailbreaking definitely gives us something extra to look forward to.

Changed system fonts on jailbroken iPhone 4S showing up on AppRadio


  1. Been using this setup for last couple of weeks, and while it works quite well and being able to use most of the iPhone functions it would be nice to figure out how the control of the iPhone from appradio works. As I understand it can work with veency.

  2. If you can some how use MirrorLink in iPhone, that will solve your problem.


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