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Monday, January 9, 2012

AppRadio 2: More Details Trickling Out Of CES

Update: CNET is reporting the original AppRadio WILL have the updated software for 2012. Great news!

If you haven't heard already Pioneer Electronics announced AppRadio 2 at the ongoing CES 2012. Initially very few details were available but as time goes on a little more is being known. It is now being reported that there will be five different models with AppRadio functionality which will be priced from $499 up to $1199. Whoa!!!

The original AppRadio was launched last summer and AppRadio 2 will be available in April 2012. That's a shelf life of 10 months for the first generation device. By today's tech trends and timelines do you think it's fair that Pioneer has upgraded the hardware without really doing much about the issues the first generation device has had?

The new UI looks revamped from screenshots around the web. New fonts, apps on the home screen, a menu and back button and what seems like more screen real estate (although the resolution is the same with increased screen size) are some of the few new features of AppRadio 2. By the way things go with technology it looks like little will be done to improve the original AppRadio as Pioneer will obviously want customers to buy the new device. However, the AppRadio will still be manufactured and sold for the lower price of $399. I'm still hoping for a firmware upgrade for the first generation AppRadio though.

Stay tuned as more comes to light about AppRadio 2.

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