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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Protect Your Pioneer AVIC-6100NEX & AVIC-5100NEX Using The Detachable Faceplate

Detachable faceplates are almost unheard of in double-DIN head units. But Pioneer allows NEX users to protect their AVIC-6100NEX and AVIC-5100NEX by using this feature. First generation AVIC-6000NEX and AVIC-5000NEX receivers also have detachable faceplates.

To detach the faceplate (or button bar) of your device, follow these steps...
Removing the detachable faceplate (AVIC-6100NEX & AVIC-5100NEX)

- Press the 'Release' button at the bottom of the faceplate.
- When you release your finger, the bottom of the detachable faceplate separates slightly from the head unit.
- Gently grip the bottom of the detachable faceplate and slowly pull it outward.

- To reattach the faceplate: Slide the faceplate all the way into the slot on the head unit. Make sure the faceplate is securely connected to the mounting hooks. Push the lower part of the faceplate until you hear a click.

It is important to store the detached faceplate properly, out of reach of small children, and make sure it is not scratched or damaged. You can use a spare spectacle case as a make-do carrying case for the faceplate.

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