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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

[BREAKING] eBay Listing Claims Custom Firmware For AVH-4000NEX Enables Google Android Auto

There is an eBay listing for a custom firmware update for the Pioneer AVH-4000NEX that enables Google Android Auto on the first generation device.

If you remember, Pioneer upset almost all of their first generation NEX customers when they announced second generation devices at CES 2015 earlier this year. The second generation head units have Android Auto capability which first generation devices did not get. No official firmware updates will be released to enable Android Auto on the older models.

But the eBay listing claims to offer the latest in-car technology software to older devices. Full details are below.

Note/Disclaimer: Custom firmware for any electronic device should be installed at your own risk. Often these files can brick or render your device unusable. This posting is only a report and does not encourage installing custom firmware. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!

eBay Listing:
The eBay listing is by eBay user "bigneptun" and is called "Pioneer AVIC AVH-4000NEX \\ ANDROID AUTO FIRMWARE \\ 4100 4000 NEX" and is priced at $40.00. The description of the listing is as follows...

Did you purchase a Pioneer AVIC-4000NEX and are frustrated that instead of releasing Android Auto support, they released the 4100? Well it turns out that the 4000 and 4100 are IDENTICAL.

I have a modified firmware file that when loaded on the 4000NEX, it will give you the full feature set of the 4100, including ANDROID AUTO. Save time and money by purchasing this firmware instead of selling your 4000 and purchasing a 4100.

Firmware file and instructions will be emailed once payment has been received.

Please note: There is currently an issue with the Pioneer 4100 firmware that disables Bluetooth streaming. Everything is working except for Bluetooth Audio. I will also provide the files needed to roll back the firmware. Once an updated version is provided by Pioneer I will send out a modified version of that.

This file is for Pioneer AVH-4000NEX units ONLY! 

As you can see above, Bluetooth streaming gets disabled when using this update. This could be a deal breaker for some users.

There are a couple of user questions that the seller has answered in the posting...

Q: Hello, I have a avh-4000nex, will this work on my uni? I'm using a note 4 to run the HU. But after the KK updated it stop working, so I don't want to spend any more many on adding an android PC to the unit. What can you do for me to try the Android Auto firmware update on my unit with out taking any risk? Best regards...
A: I'm assuming that you were mirroring your screen on the HU? This firmware update will allow you to use Android Auto just as you would on a 4100. I meant to put AVH-4000NEX in the title, but it would't let me change it after! This will work on your headunit model.

Q: What about future updates? If I purchase this from you, will you include future firmware updates provided that Pioneer doesn't block this?
A: Firmware updates are rare, especially this far out into the product cycle. At this point there wouldn't be any features to add. But if there is an update I can send out a new one.

So far, 3 buyers have purchased the update. The seller, bigneptun, is based in Austin, TX and has 100% positive feedback over 138 transactions. However, no feedback has been received for the firmware update listing yet.

The following pictures are included in the listing...

At $40 this seems like an excellent deal which will give new life to the AVH-4000NEX. Android users who are running Android 5.0 Lollipop will benefit the most from the custom firmware. 

Pioneer has started running their devices on a one-year cycle, like most of today's smartphones. Head units are rendered obsolete within a year, which was unheard of in the past. But custom firmwares, jailbreaks etc. can rejuvenate older products.

If anyone of you purchases this product and has success getting Android Auto on your AVH-4000NEX, then let me know. I will also keep an eye on the listing and user feedback for more details. Stay tuned for the latest.

Link to purchase: Pioneer AVIC AVH-4000NEX \\ ANDROID AUTO FIRMWARE \\ 4100 4000 NEX from eBay.

Source: bigneptun via eBay

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