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Thursday, March 12, 2015

First Android Auto Head Units To Reach Customers Via Pioneer NEX

For those of you eagerly waiting for more information and end-user experiences on Google's Android Auto, the wait might soon be over. Pioneer Electronics has begun shipping its second-generation NEX head units to third-party resellers, authorized dealers and customers. Three of the five NEX receivers are Android Auto-capable.

To use Android Auto in the car you already own, you will need one of these Pioneer head units: AVIC-8100NEX, AVIC-7100NEX and AVH-4100NEX. Other manufacturers are also in line to deliver aftermarket head units to consumers but not quite yet. Pioneer is the first manufacturer to do so.

You will also need a compatible Android smartphone running Android 5.0 Lollipop. A relevant cable kit for your smartphone will also be required. All devices are also Apple CarPlay capable and offer a host of other features including AppRadio Mode. More details are here.

Android Auto, like Apple CarPlay, allows users to run smartphone apps in their car's dashboards. These include native apps for music, telephony, messages, maps etc. as well as third-party applications that have to be approved by Google. At launch, the following third-party apps will be available...

Android Auto-capable head units from Pioneer can be purchased, either directly from Pioneer through their website, from authorized big box Pioneer dealers like Best Buy, or from online retailers like Amazon and eBay.

Although Amazon and eBay are not authorized Pioneer dealers, the retailers have a wide range of reliable and trustworthy sellers that offer products at much lower prices. Sellers are bound by retailer policies making them an excellent source to get products at deep discounts.

The 'race to zero' on head unit pricing has already begun. Take a look at these low prices at the time of this posting from Amazon and eBay (shipping is mostly free and most sellers don't charge sales tax in many states; click price links to view listings and latest price to buy)...

AVIC-8100NEX (Suggested Retail Price: $1400)
Lowest Price on Amazon: $1299.95
Lowest Price on eBay: $1267.77

AVIC-7100NEX (Suggested Retail Price: $1200)
Lowest Price on Amazon: $1119.95
Lowest Price on eBay: $1124.95

AVIC-4100NEX (Suggested Retail Price: $700)
Lowest Price on Amazon: $659.95
Lowest Price on eBay: $639.00

We will have additional details and user feedback information about Android Auto in the coming few weeks. Stay tuned for the latest.


  1. picked mine up 2 days ago from bestbuy got installed the same night..loving it so far. The only down side for me is that android auto says compatible with galaxy s3 but it only supports lollipop operating system and im still on kitkat and not sure it will get lollipop so it doesnt work with my phone even though it says it does.

  2. Why bother? Pioneer will just abandon the 2015 line like they did 2014s.

    1. So true. I won't buy Pio again after them abandoning their previous units as quick as they can. Awful.

      My AppRadio 3 is really just an expensive FM radio.


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