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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tim Cook Says Apple Watch Could Replace Your Car Keys

Apple will hold a media event tomorrow, March 9, 2015, which is believed to be dedicated to its upcoming Apple Watch. The 'Spring Forward' event will be held in San Francisco, California at 10 a.m. PDT and CEO Tim Cook has been busy trying to build up the anticipation surrounding the wearable device.

In an interview with the Telegraph last week, Cook said the Apple Watch could replace your car's physical keys or dedicated fob.

There are already numerous rumors suggesting developers are busy developing apps for the Apple Watch in closed quarters to keep information under wraps until the device is unveiled. When the Apple Watch was first announced last year, Cook showed how automakers like BMW are already developing apps which can help control various functions of the vehicle.

Automakers could potentially use Apple Watch to unlock and even turn on the car's engine, just like a remote start device would. Who needs keys anyways!?

The other implication of Cook's comments could be referring to Apple's intended foray into the automaker market. If the rumors are true, we could see an Apple Car or 'iCar', as it's being called around the web, at some point.

Apple devices tie up well in their own ecosystem. The possibility of having a watch that not only receives your messages and phone calls, but works as a fitness tracker as well as your car remote with advanced functions, is not out of reach.

Tune in to Apple's media event tomorrow at 10 a.m. PDT. Visit Apple's website for details.

Source: Telegraph
Images' source: Apple

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