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Monday, March 9, 2015

Speed Up Your Apple CarPlay Interface With This Quick Tip [Video]

Apple CarPlay has been available to users for a few months now. Although initial feedback has generally been good, there have been some that have complained about the sluggishness of the interface, among other things.

Let's not forget that CarPlay is very much in its infancy and improvements will definitely come in due time. However, there is a way of speeding up the CarPlay interface a little bit at the moment. This tip was sent to us by one of our readers, Daniel Zaglul. He's even made a video to demonstrate. Check it out below.

This will work with any device running iOS 7.1 or later. No jailbreak required.

CarPlay is basically a dashboard version of iOS. Hence, CarPlay goes as iOS goes on your iPhone. For example, changing the icon (on a jailbroken device - read my post on tweaking the CarPlay interface) on any one of the apps on your iPhone will translate into the same icon being displayed in CarPlay. The same goes for fonts. Check out this CarPlay interface from a jailbroken iPhone 6 (notice the icons)...

As far as speeding up the UI goes, you can achieve this simply by turning ON 'Reduce Motion' in the settings menu on your iPhone. Turning on Reduce Motion removes those fancy animations in iOS like ballooning of apps, animated backgrounds in the Weather app, and also the parallax effect on the homescreen and lock screen.

How to turn ON Reduce Motion in iOS on an iPhone

- Launch 'Settings'
- Tap on 'General'
- Tap on 'Accessibility'
- Find and tap on 'Reduce Motion' under 'Visual' options
- Turn 'Reduce Motion' ON

Now try connecting your iPhone to a CarPlay device and notice the interface has sped up a little. No more delayed animations when switching apps.

Daniel has made a video to illustrate...

If you like the parallax effect in iOS or can't live without the animations when launching apps, turn off Reduce Motion to go back.

Thanks, Daniel, for the video.

Source: Daniel Zaglul via YouTube

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