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Sunday, October 19, 2014

AppEx Info Updates Have Been MIA Since April; Has Development Stopped? [Jailbreak]

Those of you who have used AppRadio Extensions or AppEx in the past, you will know how awesome it is to have full touch control of your iPhone from your AppRadio. Well, the jailbreak tweak lost compatibility when iOS 7 was released and has been an open source software for over a year now. 

But there has been no information or updates from the developer since April this year.
Mike DeCaro, the developer behind AppEx, decided to make the code open source last year citing lack of time to keep developing the software which was a free download at the time. The tweak needed a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 6 or older. Mike had managed to give users full touch control of their iPhones from their AppRadio screens in the last fully functional update.

With full touch control, users were able to control any app, including non-AppRadio Mode compatible apps, right from their car's dashboard. The tweak worked quite well although a few minor issues existed. But as newer iOS versions were released, developing frequent updates for AppEx became an issue.

Back in April this year, Mike announced he will be hosting his software on the GitHub repository. The code was moved and any developer interested in joining the effort in developing AppEx had to contact Mike and access the necessary tools from there. But since making that announcement, there has been no more news from Mike regarding AppEx.

With CarPlay allowing users to use the most commonly used iOS functions in the car, I wonder if Mike has decided to give up on AppEx. Apple CarPlay works quite well at the moment. As far as iOS versions go, iOS 8.1 will be available in the next few days and iOS 8 adoption rates suggest iOS 7 will not be used by too many people anymore. Mike was trying to develop AppEx for iOS 7 back in April.

Whether some other jailbreak tweak like AppEx is developed for iOS 8 using Pioneer's AppRadio Mode platform remains to be seen. Currently, no jailbreak for iOS 8 is available yet. Developing a tweak like AppEx will require the arrival of an iOS 8 jailbreak first. 

We will have the latest on the jailbreak front as and when the news breaks. So stay tuned.

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  1. Only thing I'm waiting for before I pull the trigger and get one of these units. Dont wanna have to love to android just for this coz car entertainment is important and they have Ar unchained and Ar liberators.
    So to all the devs, make this happen for apple and I'll be first to say if be happy to pay 50bucks for a well functioning version...


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