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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How To Install Latest Pioneer CD & Digital Media Receiver Firmware Updates [How-To]

Pioneer has released new firmware for its CD and Digital Media receivers today. Installing the updates requires a USB 2.0 flash drive with more than 128MB of free space. The drive has to be formatted in FAT32 and should not contain any other files on it.

To perform the update perform the following steps...

- Make sure your head unit is one of the following which were sold in the United States or Canada: DEH-X6700BS, DEH-X6700BT, DEH-X6710BT, DEH-X4700BT, MVH-X370BT, FH-X720BT, and FH-X721BT.

- Download the corresponding firmware update file from Pioneer's website.

Update process:

1. Connect a blank (formatted) USB storage device to your computer, and then locate and copy the “X-8099_A860.dfu” file onto the USB storage device. 

2. Turn the vehicle’s key to the ACC ON position. 

3. Connect the USB storage device to the USB input on your unit; USB source will be changed automatically. 

4. Press and hold the [SRC] button to turn off all sources. 

5. Press the Multi-Control button, turn it to change the menu, and press it to select “INITIAL”. 

6. Turn the Multi-Control button to change the menu and press to select “S/W UPDATE” 
The software update process will automatically begin. 
7. The screen will flash “DON’T STOP” and count up from “5/100” to “95/100”. 

8. After about 13 minutes, when the firmware update process is complete, the unit will display “COMPLETED”. 

9. Push the [Back key] button two times to return to the “SYSTEM” menu. 

10. Select “BT VERSION” and press the Multi-Control button. 

11. Confirm that the version is A860. 

12. Remove the USB storage device from the USB input port. 

13. The firmware update is now complete. Your Pioneer CD Receiver or Digital Media Receiver is ready for use.

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