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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spotify App Still Has Major Issues With Apple CarPlay

Apple announced earlier this year that Spotify would be coming to CarPlay, making it one of the first compatible third-party apps. Pioneer released CarPlay for its NEX receivers and AppRadio 4 on October 1 and users have been able to "field test" the app ever since.

Spotify released an update for its iOS app on October 1 promising CarPlay compatibility. But major issues existed making the service almost unusable within CarPlay. Then, on October 20, another Spotify update was released which once again promised CarPlay compatibility. But nothing much has changed since.

When using Spotify with CarPlay, a variety of problems crop up. Based on feedback from our readers and what Spotify users are saying across different mediums, I have listed the existing issues with the app below...

1. Blank screen when loading up in CarPlay
2. App hangs up when navigating through different menus
3. App crashes unexpectedly at random times
4. Accessing playlists almost always blanks the screen
5. Some songs do not start playing at all
6. Spotify app icon disappears from the CarPlay menu screen
7. Screen flickers when in Spotify
8. App becomes unresponsive at random times
9. Delay when changing tracks

Interestingly, Spotify's website doesn't make any mention of CarPlay compatibility. There have been no press releases in this regard either. The only mention you will find is in the app description in the App Store. But in spite of the last two updates mentioning "Now supports Apple CarPlay!", the app still has a ways to go before being recommendable.

The above list is long but probably incomplete. Also, not all users may see the same issues. If you encounter any other bugs or if you've been able to get Spotify to work let us know in the comments below.

Hopefully fixes are coming soon.

Image source: Spotify

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