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Monday, July 21, 2014

Pioneer NEX Users Still Awaiting CarPlay Firmware Update

We are into the second month of summer and there's still no sign of the promised CarPlay firmware update from Pioneer Electronics for its NEX receivers. What was initially supposed to be an "early summer" release is now a "summer" release and the wait goes on.

For the many NEX receiver owners the wait may feel like an eternity. Apple's CarPlay promises to be the best in-car software technology bringing familiar iOS features and functions to your dashboard.

Aftermarket solutions are going to be provided by Pioneer Electronics and Alpine Electronics (not much is known about the latter) for the car you already own. Pioneer has five different NEX receivers that will provide a much affordable solution to enjoying CarPlay compared to buying a brand new car.

Pioneer Electronics has given users very little information about the impending firmware update. In fact, the due date has quietly been postponed from early summer to sometime this summer. Their website has links to Apple's CarPlay page. Even their own dedicated CarPlay page has no information on a possible date of release.

It is more than likely that Apple is the reason for the delay though. The Cupertino company has still to certify Pioneer to release the update. Why the delay, no one knows. Maybe some issues still need to be ironed out in the software.

Also, iOS 8 will be available when the next generation iPhone goes on sale in the Fall. Whether the next generation mobile operating system will bring changes to CarPlay remains to be seen.

For now, waiting patiently is all we can do.


  1. I wish Pioneer would give us some information. It doesn't have to be a release date, they could just say the update has been submitted to apple for approval.

  2. 100% ACK
    For me, good PR looks different...

  3. On its' Facebook page, yuck I know, Pioneer did anounce that the firmware was awaiting Apple approval


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