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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kenwood Says Their Smartphone Integration Is Better Than CarPlay

The excitement surrounding Apple CarPlay is almost palpable. Apple made potential customers even happier when it recently announced that CarPlay will come to the aftermarket providing a much affordable solution. Included in Apple's aftermarket plans were Pioneer and Alpine.

The other big player in the aftermarket, Kenwood, isn't holding back in taking a jab at the situation. See what Kenwood senior marketing manager, Scott Caswell, had to say about CarPlay-like technology and how Kenwood's existing technology stacks up against it...

"The biggest advantage Kenwood offers over prepackaged voice control/display solutions is choice. The Kenwood offering is compatible with a wide variety of applications for music and navigation services; navigation choices include Google Maps which is the most downloaded navigation app on iTunes, also WAZE, and Apple Maps. In addition to allowing customers to choose the system they are most familiar with, choice extends to the most popular phones customers use. Kenwood advanced smartphone voice control works with both iPhones and Android phones."

Kenwood advanced smartphone with voice control feature is found on eight 2014 Kenwood and Kenwood Excelon Multimedia receivers with HDMI. These head units are...

DNN991HD, DNX891HD, DNX691HD, DDX8901HD, DDX5901HD, DNX771HD, DNX571HD, DDX7701HD.

Source: Kenwood USA

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  1. I had a Kenwood unit, never again! They argue they have more choice... Pioneer NEX units have choice as well with mirrorLink or app mode, now carplay being the other choice. app mode is ok but nothing to right home about, however I'm confidant that apple will ensure the user experience is clean and easy, so I'm excited to see it come as an apple user, likewise Android users will be trilled when the Android carplay like solution is implemented... Kenwood can keep their solution as its likely clumsy like app mode.


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