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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Apple Adds At Bat To List Of CarPlay Supported Apps

About a month ago, Apple quietly added a couple of apps to its list of CarPlay supported apps. When CarPlay was announced there were four third-party apps that were announced to be compatible to be used within the CarPlay interface. Now the list stands at six.

The four apps initially announced were Beats Music, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and Stitcher. Beats Music and Spotify are music streaming apps while iHeartRadio is a radio station streaming app. Stitcher streams talk shows and podcasts.

The two latest apps added are Apple's own Podcast app and Major League Baseball's official At Bat app.

At Bat allows users to listen to Gameday Audio (home and away streams). The app costs about $20 per season for the iPhone. Gameday Audio has no blackout restrictions like MLB TV has.

Even though At Bat allows you to stream live games if you have an existing MLB TV subscription ($100-$120 per season), CarPlay won't allow you to stream video in all likelihood due to safety concerns. At Bat in CarPlay will be audio only.

This season At Bat was included for free with an MLB TV subscription. That's a $20 savings. Pretty good deal if you're a baseball fan and a perennial MLB TV subscriber like me.

Hopefully the CarPlay third-party app list will continue growing steadily.

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